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Published: 8th June 2021

7,000 fines issued as part of Direct Vision Standard


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A couple of weeks ago it was reported that roadside checks were being carried out and fines issued to HGVs across London in a DVS clampdown.

The checks were uncovering that part, or all of the safe system was missing on some vehicles, despite them having been issued a permit.

Since then, TfL has also confirmed that it has issued 7,000 fines, up to £550 each, with the majority coming from ANPR cameras picking up trucks without any permits.

Road Safety Increasing Depiste Fines

Transport for London has reported that DVS has already increased road safety.

Christina Calderato, Head of Transport Strategy and Planning for TfL, said: “In just a few months, our Direct Vision Standard has helped to dramatically improve the safety of lorries and save lives.

“We want to thank all of the freight operators who have led the way in ensuring they only operate the safest lorries in London and across the UK and we would like to encourage any freight operators who haven’t yet applied for a safety permit to do so.”

Need to make your fleet DVS compliant?

Every vehicle over 12 tonnes entering Greater London needs a DVS permit, regardless of the star rating of your vehicle.

0 star rated vehicles require a Safe System installed in order to be eligible for a permit.

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