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Driver Comfort

SM UK offer a range of accessories that ensures your drivers’ comfort and encourages best performance.

Power Inverters

Inverters offer a practical and easy way to power your appliances while on the road.

Anderson Sockets

Provide your truck with a safe and secure power connection

Kuda Lockers

Increase and optimise storage space in your cab

CB Radios

CB Radios are a useful tool which allows drivers to exchange live information on the road.


Having a fridge in-cab allows your driver to securely store fresh food and cool refreshments during longer journeys.


Provide your driver with much needed downtime entertainment during overnight stays.

Air Conditioning

Control the temperature in your cab and easily cool-off or warm up during hauls.


An in-cab microwave gives drivers easy accessibility to hot food.

Driver Assistance

SM UK have a range of accessories

  • Key Out Systems
  • Alcholock
  • Truck Door Windows

Speak with the SM UK team today

Whether you want to add an air kit as part of a bigger package, or just want an inverter by itself, SM UK are on hand to help. Get in touch to find out more.