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The Halo® system

The HALO® system was designed to solve issues where vulnerable road users may be unable to hear or understand audible warnings. For situations where road users may be wearing headphones, there may be a language barrier, or loud road conditions may prevent those around your vehicle from hearing your turning warning, HALO® provides the solution.

HALO® Lighting – A visual warning to those down your nearside or offside, that your vehicle will be turning, flashes an amber ‘Halo’ on the ground in unison with your indicators.

These high intensity LED lights are also fitted with a speed switch, so that they are only activated by the indicator at lower speeds.

The majority of other cycle safety systems rely solely on either the driver avoiding the cyclist or cyclist avoiding the driver, rather than cooperation between both parties.

HALO® has been designed so that drivers and vulnerable road users can work together to reduce collisions and accidents, and make the roads safer for everyone.

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