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Published: 24th May 2021

TfL revoking permits and issuing fines in “DVS Clampdown”


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Logistcs UK has reported that a number of its members recently received Penalty Charge Notices (PCNs). This comes as Transport for London begins clamping down on DVS enforcement.

Despite Direct Vision Standard becoming transport law in October 2020, and subsequently fines being postponed until March 2021, Tfl have only just started penalising non-compliant vehicles.

Roadside checks have been carried out to make sure permits are valid and that Safe Systems are fitted & functional.

The £550 fines are being issued to operators for a number of reasons. For example, 0 star rated vehicles that had been granted permits, but did not have all or any of the safety equipment installed. This also resulted in the permits being revoked.

Similarly vehicles which had non-functioning equipment were also subject to the PCNs, such as faulty audible left turn warnings.

In short, fleets which have aquired their permits under false pretence are being discovered and fined for operating in Greater London without the appropriate safety systems. Whether this is done knowingly by operators, or is a result of poor / faulty installations by auto-electrical firms is yet to be known.

Moving forward

For any fleet operators who have yet to upgrade their vehicles to meet DVS standards, make sure you use a specialist. Lots of companies have popped up recently, promising quality equipment at the cheapest prices. However, buying cheap often means buying twice, with the added sting of a fine from TfL.

Most importantly, make sure you use a firm who offer a solid warranty and after sales service. If any part of your safe system fails, you want to be back on the road asap, not waiting weeks for a service call, or worse, risking a PCN and your permit being revoked.

Speak with SM UK’s commercial vehicle safety specialists for the latest advice on DVS.