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How can SM UK help?

If you’re looking for safer manoeuvring, to reduce collisions, prevent false insurance claims and possibly even reduce insurance premiums, then a camera system is going to be a great addition to your fleet.

SM UK can supply and install a range of cameras for your fleet, and packages can be tailored to your exact requirements.


Sidescan®Predict instantly alerts the driver to potential dangers via a multi-stage in-cab visual and audible warning system, according to the urgency of the situation – therefore minimising the number of audible alerts and reducing false alarms.

Blind spot cameras

Covering nearside, offside, front & rear blind spots, these cameras will help drivers check blind spots when turning, making tight manoeuvers, or moving around worksites.

Driver cameras

Gives transport managers access to vital information used to improve driver behaviour. Footage can also be used in the event of an accident to prove innocence, crucial when it comes to looking after driver welfare.

Birdseye view

Allows a 360° birdseye view around the vehicle, perfect for plant equipment and road vehicles where navigating tight spots requires great visibility of all blind spots.


SM UK can be installed along with our 7” monitors, or, if the option is available, can be integrated into the existing screen within the dashboard.

Mobile Digital Recorders (MDR)

Footage can be stored on to our MDRs, giving you access to an accurate witness and irrefutable evidence in the case of an incident. An MDR is a valuable asset for Transport Managers, helping protect against bogus insurance claims, protecting wrongly accused drivers, and encourages best practice from drivers whilst also giving them peace of mind.

With 4G Capability, remote download and Live viewing can assist with improving First notification of loss (FNOL), which may also provide quick resolution of incidents.

If you’re looking to meet DVS, FORS or HS2 standards, or even create a bespoke safety system, these camera systems can be combined with our SENSORS to meet whatever safety requirements you have.

SM UK provide lifetime product training, so for any help downloading your footage, simply GET IN TOUCH with the team today.

Live View

Live view with SM UK gives you all the benefits of camera systems, plus unlock whole host of other valuable tools for transport managers:

Instant Access

Live View saves you so much time, vehicles don’t have to come back to site for you to download footage, you will have remote access to vehicle cameras at any time of the day, giving you an instant playback should an incident occur.


Schedule data to be downloaded on certain days and times, or data can be downloaded automatically after certain triggers, such as speeding, g-force (harsh braking or accidents), geo-fencing, HDD errors or video loss.


You can also receive alerts for these triggers. This could be used for everything from taking immediate action should an incident occur, or just giving your customer an update about the progress of your job


Provides invaluable information for job management by tracking your fleet. Get notifications when drivers arrive or leave locations, allowing you to manage job times, drive times, future jobs, even driver wages and overtime, with ease. Geo-fencing can even be used to notify you when drivers are using prohibited routes, such as bridges with weight limits.

SM UK’s Live View for our camera systems adds massive value to any fleet, helping you to save time, reduce unnecessary costs, increase efficiency and improve driver welfare.

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All systems are versatile and customisable, allowing you to create something that will solve any challenge your fleet faces. See our CASE STUDIES to see how SM UK’s camera systems have helped others