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A beacon is a great tool to signal to others that your vehicle is tipping or pouring, allowing others to react accordingly

Beacon Bars

Another useful lighting solution to draw attention to your vehicle when working in dangerous conditions, such as roadsides


Often combined with beacons and beacon bars, strobes are a great attention grabber, and can be fitted to the front & rear of your vehicle

Kelsa Bars

Guaranteed to turn heads when you drive past, Kelsa Bars combined with LEDs and spot lamps are also a fantastic way to increase driver visibility during poor driving conditions


Fantastic option for those working around their vehicle in dark conditions, these adjustable worklamps will light up the surrounding area, and can be triggered a number of ways, such as when reverse is engaged

Perimeter Lights

Another way for your trucks to stand out on the roads, available as 3 in 1 Combination Lights (Stop/Tail/Indicator) or just plain red LEDs around the cab


Our HALO® lighting system provides vulnerable road users with an added visual warning that your vehicle is turning. The system shines an amber ‘halo’ effect on to the ground, the length of the vehicle, which flashes in time with the indicator, giving anyone approaching the vehicle in a blind spot, a clear sign that your vehicle is making a turn

Red Zone®

Create a ‘no-go’ area around your vehicles with SM UK’s Red Zone® system. The zones can be completely customised, to give anyone working near the vehicle clear indication of areas to avoid. Red Zone® is perfect for a range of vehicles including Tippers, Mixers, Flatbed and Plant Equipment.

Scene / Puddle Lights

Another option for lighting the area around a vehicle, perfect for remote sites where other sources of light might not be available

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