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Giving You The Power

Just some of the onboard power options that SM UK Van Conversions can supply & install. All customised to meet the exact needs of your business.

Power Inverters

Working out on sites where you're unable to use a mains hook-up? SM UK can install power inverters as part of your van conversion.


Turn your van into a mobile workshop and provide power to your workbenches. Your mobile workforce will have the ability to work from anywhere when out on the road.


Perfect for powering pneumatic tools, inflating tyres and blow-cleaning components, SM UK can even provide connections, hoses and cable reels for your vans.

Split Charge Systems

Charge the secondary battery for your mobile workshops, and protect your starter battery when the engine is no longer idling.

Solar Panel Charging

A great solution for charging your secondary battery without the engine running. Reduce engine wear, oil use, and perfect for sites where engine idling is prohibited.


No need to carry your transformers around to different sites when you can power your 110v power tools direct from your van.

Battery Guards

Programmable so that systems are isolated when the available battery power drops below set levels, protecting your starting power.

USB Sockets

Great modern option as part of welfare & crew carrier conversions to charge devices such as phones when out and about.