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The Safe Working Zone that is Customisable…


The Safe Working Zone that is Customisable…

SMUK’s trade marked Red Zone® is designed for vehicles working in quarries and on construction sites… Red Zone clearly marks out the work area around your vehicle indicating exactly where your vehicle is operating, and how much space is needed to allow the operator to work safely.

Completely customisable, SM UK can create the perfect ‘no-go’ area to take into consideration how and where your vehicle operates. Made up of several LED lights and installed and positioned around the vehicle, so that other site workers can see exactly where the work area is and exclusion zone for other operators.

Whether you’re using it to mark where cement is being poured, unloading a tipper, or just creating a safe working space around your vehicle, the Red Zone® is ideal for clearly showing those around your commercial vehicle exactly the area they must avoid.

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Stand Out… Stay Safe!

Plant Equipment – Outline the area where your equipment will reach to, making everyone around you aware that it would be unsafe to enter the RedZone®. It can even be installed so that it will rotate around the vehicle.

Flatbeds – Drivers can easily and safely operate the tail lift without the worry of anyone accidentally walking into its area of operation.

Mixers – When working onsite, RedZone® the perfect safety feature to clear the area where you will be pouring.

Tippers – Creating a safe area to the rear of your vehicle and will only activate when tipping to ensure no one enters the space while the load is being dropped.

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SM UK Statement

We will only fit quality OEM tested and certified products that meet the demands of the NEW DVS standard.

We will supply and fit products that will give you peace of mind and confidence that the right product is fitted to cover all aspects of current legislation.

If you would like more information, please do not hesitate to contact Email: enquiries@smuk.co.uk

As the UK’s Nol Auto Electrician we urge you to get in touch… this is not a one size fits all approach and to stay safe and legal

you need to be sure you are fitting the correct equipment and using qualified engineers.

“To stay safe and legal you need to be sure you are fitting the correct type-approved, fit for purpose, e-marked equipment and using qualified electrical engineers – Steve MacDonald

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For vehicles working on sites up and down the country, contact SM UK for more information on our Red Zone® system.