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Red Zone® is one of SM UK’s innovative products, designed in-house to give drivers a clear warning.

Completely customisable, SM UK can create a ‘no-go’ area to take into consideration how and where your vehicle operates. Made up of several LEDs installed to the vehicle, they will be positioned so that they will not be knocked or interfered with during the normal operation of your vehicle.

Perfect for a number of commercial vehicles, including:

Plant Equipment

Outline the area where your equipment will reach to, making everyone around aware that it would be unsafe to enter. Red Zone® can even be installed so that it will rotate with the vehicle.


Drivers can easily and safely operate the tail lift without the worry of anyone accidentally walking into its area of operation


When working on sites, Red Zone® is the perfect safety feature to clear the area where you will be pouring


Create a safe area to the rear of your vehicle, activated when tipping to ensure no one enters the space whilst the load is being dropped

Whether you’re using it to mark where cement is being poured, unloading a tipper, or just creating a safe working space around your vehicle, the Red Zone® is ideal for clearly showing those around you what areas to avoid.