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Reverse Smart…saving lives & costs

Reverse Smart…saving lives & costs

Reverse Smart… how it works

  • We pulse the Autobrake, so it’s not a sudden jolt and more of a controlled stop. Drivers prefer this and it does not damage the drive train, so no warranty issues.
  • Because we write all software, we can tailor every installation to best suit vehicle application and customers wishes.
  • The product is VCA approved and we as a designer/manufacturer are VCA audited to ensure conformity of production.
  • 30 years’ experience in auto-braking on HGV’s, with our TMA impact AIB mandated on every Truck mounted crash cushion vehicle in the UK & Ireland.
  • Our system uses a specially designed 77Ghz radar to optimise performance especially onsite operations.

Crucial safeguarding

Health and safety is now one of the highest focus points that any organisation big or small must be aware off. We strongly believe that this system should be mandatory on vehicles like Bin Lorries, Refuse Vehicles, Road Sweepers, Road Rollers, Tar Sprayer etc as well as truck and trailer.

All local authorities should consider this now for their fleets. The system will save money on frequent accidental repairs to rear light cluster, bumpers, doors etc as well saving lives!

HGV Autonomous Braking System

Offering an array of enhanced safety features, including collision avoidance, heightened protection for vulnerable road users, driver assistance, fleet preservation, regulatory compliance, operational efficiency, and, in certain circumstances, life-saving capabilities.

In the event of an object or individual detected within the pre-set danger zone, the system triggers an audible warning within the cab. Should the driver fail to respond, the system, as a final protective measure, automatically applies the brakes, bringing the vehicle to a halt for 3 seconds, safeguarding all those in the Danger area, and is more reliable than just applying the park brake. Using the park brake for such instances can have a detrimental effect on other systems e.g. the gear box.

Why risk it? Stop it!

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SM UK Statement

We will only fit quality OEM tested and certified products that meet the demands of the NEW DVS standard.

We will supply and fit products that will give you peace of mind and confidence that the right product is fitted to cover all aspects of current legislation.

If you would like more information, please do not hesitate to contact Email: enquiries@smuk.co.uk

As the UK’s Nol Auto Electrician we urge you to get in touch… this is not a one size fits all approach and to stay safe and legal

you need to be sure you are fitting the correct equipment and using qualified engineers.

“To stay safe and legal you need to be sure you are fitting the correct type-approved, fit for purpose, e-marked equipment and using qualified electrical engineers – Steve MacDonald

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