HALO® Cycle Minder System

HALO® Cycle Minder

What makes HALO® so unique?

Whilst cycle safety systems exist, HALO® is a new innovative system that encourages both the driver and cyclist to work together to avoid collisions. The driver has full visibility of a cyclist in a blind spot, through cameras and sensors and a cyclist is alerted when a vehicle intends to turn left across their path through flashing lights, a HALO glow and audio warning. This combination greatly reduces the chances of an incident occurring, encouraging the driver to avoid the cyclist and the cyclist to avoid placing themselves in a dangerous position. Majority of other cycle safety systems rely solely on either the driver avoiding the cyclist or cyclist avoiding the driver, rather than cooperation between both parties.

HALO® is an innovative cyclist awareness system designed by SM UK. In 2015, there were 1,657 collisions between a cyclist and a HGV, LGV or van, with 25 of these being fatal. Upon review of these collisions, a common response from drivers was that they “failed to look properly”, causing the incident. Therefore, HALO® is designed eradicate this ‘excuse’ and ultimately, save VRU lives. It works by giving drivers full visibility down the nearside of the vehicle through cameras and sensors and notifies pedestrians/cyclists of the driver’s intentions when indicating to turn left across their path.

What makes up the HALO cycle minder package?

Details of the system include a nearside camera that broadcasts to an in- cab monitor, displaying any cyclists or pedestrians hiding in blind spots. An audible warning is attached behind the wheel arch on the vehicles exterior to alert pedestrians and cyclists. When the left-hand indicator is applied “Warning! Vehicle turning left!” is broadcast. The most distinctive part of the package is a visual warning to cyclists and pedestrians who are in the driver’s blind spot. Made up of 4 LED lights, they shine a ‘HALO’ effect on the road as a visual indication to anyone down the nearside of the vehicle. These automatically switch on when the vehicle travels below 15 mph, go off when the vehicle travels above 15 mph and flash in conjunction when the left-hand indicator is applied.

SM UK HALO Cycle Minder

Here is a quote direct from one of our end-users Nigel Woolford, LSS Waste Management:

“Our drivers have only been using HALO® for a couple of weeks and the feedback they’ve given me has been fantastic. They say the knowledge that they can see everything going on round them makes them feel more secure behind the wheel than ever before; a feeling that has certainly been mirrored by the cyclists I’ve told about the system. 50% of our fleet now have this system installed and we have seen a 90% reduction in claims of bumps, scrapes and other accidents since the installation of the HALO® system onto our fleet.  Driver behaviour has improved vastly too. We include the education of this system in our initial driver trainer now as well as we will be rolling this out across out fleet. HALO® really will make a big difference to cyclist safety on our roads.”