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Published: 3rd May 2019

SM UK visits The CV Show 2019


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This week The CV Show came to a close after a phenomenal 3 days at the NEC in Birmingham. On Tuesday a team from SM UK attended the first day of the trade show.

Whilst at the show, our first stop was to go and see some of our newest partners which include Rhino Products – external van storage solution specialists, then we moved onto Sortimo who manufacture lightweight yet strong racking solutions for the load area of almost any van on the market today. Our last stop was to see one of our biggest suppliers – Brigade Electronics.

So, what did each of our partners have on their stands?

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First stop: Rhino Products. Rhino were displaying the majority of the equipment they manufacture from their facility in the North West of the country. This year at the CV show they officially launched 2 new products as well as educating you on other developments with their ImpactStep and SafeStep. The Aluminium Ladder is a development upon one of their older products, the Rhino Rear Door Ladder. The new ladder has over a 50% weight saving than the previous model, and is available in different sizes to suit the height and function of your van. If you visited the CV show this year, we hope you had chance to stop by and see this on display on their stand.

The PipeTube Pro is again the second generation after its previous product was launched in 2005. One of the main new features of this product is the enhanced theft deterrence. Other equipment was also present on some other vehicles on the Sortimo and System Edstrom stands.

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Our next stop off was onto the Sortimo stand. Having held a relationship with this international company for a while, we went along to see their new SR5 storage solution. This solution was featured in each of the 4 vans they had on their stand showing its versatility and capabilities in vans of different sizes and makes. Following our break into the Van Conversion market, we’ve already installed a large number of these systems into clients vehicles instead of the Globelyst system.

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Our final visit at the Commercial Vehicle Show was to go and see one of our biggest partners, Brigade Electronics. Brigade had a large variety of equipment on display at the stand including their miniature HGV with their BackEye360 system installed. With a selection of MDR’s, monitors and cameras any vehicle can have its safety improved by having this kind of equipment installed. Whilst at the show, Brigade were launching a new product, a new service and talking about their latest award win. The first was a Quiet Vehicle Sounder (QVS). This product has been in development for a number of months and was produced mainly to be installed onto electric vehicles. As the whole Automotive industry are looking into ways to be far more environmentally friendly, and with the rise of electric vehicles, Brigade are at the forefront of trying to keep these vehicles road safe whilst the manufacture concentrates on the environmental impact. An electric vehicle, certainly below a certain speed, can be difficult to hear. The QVS will be installed onto any electric vehicle and once the vehicle travels below a speed of 20mph, a sound will be emitted which is instantly locatable as it combines their multi-frequency BBS-tek technology and tonal sounds.

A feature which has been readily available to the market for a number of years is the capability to download footage recorded onto an MDR installed onto a vehicle with a camera system on it, this service is now available through Brigade’s ‘Bridge’ cloud facility. Bridge allows remote access to an MDR which can have the following benefits:

  • Vehicle tracking
  • Live view of vehicle cameras and metadata
  • Download footage (scheduled, automatic or manually)
  • Geo-fencing
  • Optional email notifications of triggered alarms

Brigade’s recent award win was talking point at the show. The Queen’s Award for Enterprise was won for their recognition of International Trade Success. To read more on this story, click here.

We’re always looking at ways we can develop your fleet vehicle safety further, and by working with these manufacturers we’re proud to develop letting them know about All of the above products are available through us for installation onto your fleet of HGV vehicles and Vans. Simply speak to one of our specialists today. Visit our Contact page for more information!