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Published: 10th February 2022

SIDESCAN Predict can assist with HGV’s ‘Burden of Proof’!

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It’s a must for all hauliers! The long awaited Sidescan Predict has now arrived and by all accounts it will not disappoint, it has been ‘proved’ to effectively reduce road collisions between HGV drivers and vulnerable road users, being pedestrians or cyclists. As expected, the haulage industry is quite excited and non-more so than SMUK who have been leading the charge to reduce roadside collision for over 20 years.


Steve MacDonald said “Sidescan Predict, has been designed for vehicles with a minimum length of 5.2m. It operates through six ultrasonic sensors that scan for objects that have entered their scan space and predicts the potential of a collision well before it happens”.


What makes the Sidescan Predict light years ahead of other systems is the ability to differentiate between stationary and moving objects, giving the driver a clear signal as to when a collision might occur. It activates on constant operation to road users travelling at 20mph and detects its surroundings up to 2.5m from the side of the vehicle.

Brigade Sidescan Predict incab display 458x458 1

Its adaptable features ensure drivers can gain a clear indication of the alert system; the auto brightness feature allows drivers to identify the visual aid amidst other lighting options.

What’s more, Brigade guarantees the system will reduce costs, stating “additional speed and indicator switches are not required, which reduces the overall system and installation costs”.


SMUK have used Brigade products Steve MacDonald explains: “As always our aim is to protect all road users with detection systems like this one from Brigade”

Sidescan Predict prevents, safeguards and can reduce road accidents, ensuring a safer journey for the HGV driver.



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