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Published: 30th March 2022

IF CASES ARE WON OR LOST AT THE ROADSIDE… What Can the HGV Driver Do to Protect Themselves?

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It’s official, this small device has helped reduce the risk of fatalities by an additional 84%... Read More Here!



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SISESCAN PREDICT was considered the next generation in collision avoidance systems, back in 2020, but has now seriously become the No1 must have warning systems for HGV drivers.


This is largely due to the new highway code’s hierarchy of road users, meaning that the HGV driver now has the responsibility to look out for vulnerable road users such as people cycling, walking, riding a horse or driving a car.


Edward Barrie Sales Manager of SMUK said; “The SIDESCAN PREDICT is like your new AI buddy constantly calculating the risk of a potential collision”.


The SIDESCAN PREDICT system has been fully supported by the Knowledge Transfer Partnership initiative with Cambridge University, and has undergone rigorous testing for over seven years, including 10,000 hours of research.


It works through a constant stream of data fed algorithm based around speed, distance, acceleration, and turning rates of vehicles.


The system also remains active when the speed is below 22mph.


With the code here to stay HGV drivers are being urged to protect themselves from potential criminal investigations.


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A leading solicitor said: Cases are won or lost at the roadside. A driver is most vulnerable in the immediate aftermath of a traumatic collision. They are usually unable to answer questions accurately. If arrested, the company have no ability to advise driver on what to say until they are released by the police. Consequently, it is much harder to defend drivers later if they are charged with an offence. It also often results in more expensive compensation claims for the company and the insurers.



Alliance of British Drivers issued a warning, suggesting that changes to the Highway Code could see an increase in fatal incident.




Hand in hand with any roadside incident will almost certainly result a in an insurance claim and in some cases expensive litigation.


As with all of this the big issue is what is risk worth to you! At SMUK the SIDESCAN PREDICT sensors will cost around £1000 fitted V’s Litigation… And depending on the situation a potential prison sentence of up to 15 year.


SIDESCAN PREDICT comprises of six sensors with a detection area of 2.5m, an auto-brightness feature in the cab adapts to any lighting conditions, ensuring the visual aid is not lost amongst numerous other lighting options.


Designed for most rigid body vehicles, including.

  • Rigid Box
  • Tippers
  • Mixers
  • Coaches and Buses (minimum length 5.2m)




The system is designed for retrofitting an existing HGV vehicles, the configuration software provides multiple tests that ensure sensors are correctly positioned and fitted. In-cab visual alerts indicate system failure and additional speed, and indicator switches are not required, reducing installation costs.


Installation time is approximately six hours.


SMUK Managing Director Steve MacDonald said; “The SIDSCAN PREDICT is a must have and will make a huge difference to roadside safety in the prevention of a fatality.”


Trials conducted back in 2020 received excellent feedback! Drivers noticed a significant risk reduction with both vulnerable road users and static objects.


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