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Published: 5th July 2024

“If Carlsberg did road sweepers” – this would be it!

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Street King 660: Probably the safest sweeper ever assembled

Aebi Schmidt UK is now billing its popular Schmidt Street King 660 truck-mounted sweeper as probably the safest sweeper ever assembled. In collaboration with Volvo and SM UK, one of the country’s leading companies for commercial vehicle safety solutions, the new sweeper not only reduces risks, but truly focuses on accident prevention.

The Street King 660 can be mounted to many different makes and model of chassis but the latest offering is an 18T GVW Volvo FMX which is known for its myriad of safety features. These include Front Short Range Assist which helps reduce collisions by alerting the driver when a pedestrian or cyclist is detected in the risk area at the front of the truck. Side Collision Avoidance Support and Collision Warning with Emergency Brake, Advanced driver safety (ADS) systems and tyre Pressure Monitoring System are other key features.

Aebi Schmidt UK’s newest demonstrator of the Street King 660 is mounted on a Volvo’s FMX 4×2 rigid chassis with full air suspension and a 3 star DVS (Direct Vision Standard) rating. SM UK has added a number of additional safety features to the vehicle such as front and rear strobe lights and a white noise reverse alarm, but primarily:

  • A six camera system which includes forward facing, near/offside and reverse cameras with two additional cameras focused on the Street King 660‘s sweeper brushes to allow operators to assess their progress. These come with 4G live view and remote footage download capability as well as tracking.
  • A reverse smart autonomous braking system, which is based on 30 years‘ experience in auto-braking in HGVs and which uses a specially designed 77Ghz radar to optimise performance, especially in onsite operations. In the event of an object or individual detected within the pre-set danger zone, the reverse smart system triggers an audible warning within the cab. Should the driver fail to respond, the system automatically applies the brakes, bringing the vehicle to a halt for three seconds, safeguarding all those in the danger area and proving far more effective than just applying the parking brake.
  • The Red Zone® system of SM UK, which clearly marks out the work area around the vehicle, indicating exactly where the vehicle is operating and how much space is needed to allow the operator to work safely.

By collaborating with Volvo and SM UK in this way, Aebi Schmidt UK has sought to achieve the highest safety levels possible on our Street King 660, making driver and pedestrian safety paramount. The new demonstrator will be first in action and will be seen for the first time at this Sunday’s British Grand Prix in Silverstone. Follow us on LinkedIn not to miss the pictures. Thereupon, the sweeper will of course be available for demonstrations to all customers who want to do more for safety. The Aebi Schmidt UK team looks forward to hearing from you.

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