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Published: 11th January 2024

Tool Box Talks

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SM UK’s latest Tool Box Talk features the emerging indispensable AI auto-braking technology… The Reverse Smart Braking System.

THIS TOOL BOX TALK WILL INCLUDE A LIVE DEMO – Reverse Smart is right now, rewriting the rules by creating a braking system that detects risk, brakes autonomously and saves lives!”

Can you really afford not to see this system in action?

This technology has already proven to be a “revolutionary” “irreplaceable” “exceptional” “remarkable” safety system for all sectors operating commercial vehicles either within inner cities or at the roadside.

This Reverse Smart doesn’t reduce risk it eradicates fatal or near miss accidents… It will save lives, save money and as importantly improve driver efficiency.

SM UK’s latest Tool Box Talk will discuss why this system should be mandatory on vehicles such as Bin Lorries, Refuse Collectors, Road Sweepers, Road Rollers, Tar Sprayer etc as well as Trucks and as important Trailers.

Here what our attendees at the last Leeds event stated:

“I realised how our drivers were massively at risk not having this technology”.

“SM UK explained and demonstrated why this technology is indispensable”.

“The demo at Leeds left me wishing I’d seen it sooner”.

“I wasn’t expecting to see how clever this kit was”.

This is your invitation to our latest Tool Box talk…

John Grindley, Air Brake

John will describe how the ground breaking ‘life saving’ Reverse Smart Radar Banksman technology works, including a live Demonstration of a reversing commercial vehicle (Refuce Truck).

Phil Breen, Earned Recognition National Account Manager at DVSA

Phil will present a video discussing the recent changes from a DVSA perspective and what the next steps are for Fleet Managers.

Ed Barrie, Business Development Manager at SM UK

Ed talks about the new (GSR) General Safety Regulations and Direct Vision Standard in regard to the new Technology of Vehicle safe systems effecting the transport industry, why it is needed, understanding responsibilities of drivers and operators relating to new technology. As a member of CMILT and in current conversation with Transport Governing Bodies – he has a drive to inform and aid the transport industry to Mission Zero. He has expert knowledge in safety solutions and a trusted cliental helping fleet managers move to safer working environments.


9:30am – Tea/Coffee

10:00am – Ed Barrie

10:45am – Q & A

11:00am – John Grindley

11:15am – BREAK

11:45am – Live Demonstration – Reverse Smart

12:15pm – Phil Breen

12:30pm – Network and Close

Can you really afford not to see this system in action? Don’t miss out, book today!