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Published: 8th January 2019

High Speed Two: Are you compliant?


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One of the largest projects to be carried out in the UK, in recent years has already started to be constructed. High Speed Two (HS2) will connect the south with the north and allow faster and more efficient rail travel for commuters travelling between London and the West Midlands by 2026, West Midlands to Crewe by 2027, and Crewe to Manchester by 2033 as well as the West Midlands to Leeds by the same time. At SM UK we are looking at the following:

  • What does it mean for businesses in the UK that are involved in the construction?
  • What do you need to do if you’re involved?

What is High Speed Two?

As mentioned above, HS2 has already begun and with the major projects commencing this year. Are you involved with the project? High Speed 2 is a rail project that is taking place over the next 14 years, and will connect London to the Midlands (Birmingham) and the Midlands to the North East and North West through a rail line that will mean you can be in Birmingham, from London in an hour.

This line will require the services and partnerships of a large amount of businesses across the UK to pull together to help complete the project in budget and on time. Some businesses have already been chosen, and others are still to be selected following a bid process.

If you are playing any part in the construction of HS2, did you know that you must have a specific list of products installed onto any vehicle that will be accessing the construction sites? Without these, the company involved will be denied access onto the site, therefore not being able to contribute to the completion of the project. Taken from the official HS2 Guidelines, what do you specifically require?

What vehicle type will you be using?

Access to site by ANY (HGV, van, pickup) UK registered vehicle will only be permitted with the following minimum vulnerable road user safety kit fitted to ALL construction vehicles:

  • Back and side warning pictorial stickers, of a de-sign to be approved or which is to be promoted by HS2 Ltd.

Vehicles over 3.5t shall have, as an addition to the above:

  • An audible left turn alert
  • Blind spot elimination or minimisation as far as practical around the front, side and rear of the vehicle through indirect vision aids and driver audible alerts
  • Blind spot driver aids shall comprise class IV, V and VI mirror appropriate to vehicle size and one of the following:
    • Side scan detection
    • Viewable camera system
    • Left turn sensor system fitted to vehicle near side
    • Collision avoidance system fitted to the vehicle near side

Vehicles accessing HS2 work sites for mass haul movements will be required to adopt additional methods of digitally recording the activity outside of and around the vehicle, which can be stored for a period of at least 4 weeks, to provide digital witness and evidence in the event of collisions and near misses and for training purposes for the reasons of aiming to reduce the risk of future incidents.

SM UK can help your fleet meet these safety standards and operate in a correct and safe manor.

The services that SM UK offer can help bring your vehicle up to standard. Installing the following safety components will help meet the required safety systems:

  • Audible Left Turn Alerts
  • Blind Spot Cameras & Sensors
  • Side Scan Detection
  • Camera Systems
  • Left Turn Sensors
  • CCTV Camera Recording Systems

To view the full video that shows the route from Birmingham to London click here: https://bit.ly/2QjAP9J

Feel like you need assistance to prepare yourself for this project? SM UK are offering free consultations with one of our consultants today and discuss your requirements. We have over 18 years experience assisting companies in improving their vehicle safety, and have a nationwide team of 35 engineers ready to assist to make sure you’re ready in time.

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