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Published: 28th April 2022


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It sounds obvious but understanding the ergonomics of your van and the payload could save you a pretty penny in fines and lost revenue.


It’s now not a case of if, but when your van is inspected and possibly found to be overweight, both you, the driver and/or the business will be held accountable, and both will receive a fine.


According to the latest DVSA figures, eight out of 10 vans stopped by the police are found to be overloaded and 54% of those vehicles pulled over are found with serious mechanical defects.


The overloaded or even overweight van isn’t just a practical issue – it’s a legal one.


Both the police and the Vehicle and Operator Services Agency (VOSA) have the power to stop and carry out checks, if your vehicle is found above the maximum weight permitted – otherwise known as the model’s Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) – you will be fined, and in the vast majority of cases, they will prevent you from driving any further, resulting in potential loss of work.

To find out how much weight you can legally carry in your van, CLICK HERE…