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2007 saw AC Services put the 2nd truck on tarmac and that is how it stayed until 2011, where they diversify and invested in one then two Hiab wagon and drags. In 2014, they invested in a 3rd eight-wheeled tipper on tarmac and a six wheeled tipper on tarmac.

When possible, with the tarmac trucks they would fill in on aggregate loads. The demand in aggregate work increased in the area so much so during the year of 2015, AC invested in two steel bodied eight wheeled tippers for this. As it stands today, the business now operates with a fleet of ten trucks to cover the different types of haulage they carry out.

As mentioned above, AC Services now operate with ten Scania trucks and felt a need to improve the safety of these and investigate options around making it easier for them to carry out their day to day operations. As their fleet becomes larger, the need to keep their vehicle’s as safe as possible become larger too. AC Services are now proud to be involved with the construction of HS2, and also realised the high requirement for safety equipment to be installed onto their vehicles as set out by HS2 themselves, of which SM UK could help them meet.


SM UK used a combination of safety equipment from market leaders in commercial vehicle safety solutions, Brigade Electronics and some of their own safety packages (which include HALO and Red Zone). The largest installation carried out to date included: 3 white and 2 Amber LED strobe lights, 4 lights & 2 beacons fitted to HiBar mounted to the roof of the Scania Tipper. Hella Jumbo 320 Clear Spotlights2 Hadley 22″ stainless steel airhorns.

For safety, a Brigade 4 camera system mounted around the vehicle in strategic positions to fully eliminate any blind spots. The real-time footage from this is displayed onto the monitor mounted in the cab. 7 ultrasonic detection sensors were also installed along the near side to alert the driver, through a cab mounted alarm, as to when an obstacle such as a VRU could be in their blind spot. To complete the safety installation, SM UK’s Red Zone safety system was installed onto the rear of the truck to create an exclusion area. SM UK wired this system in, in such a way that when the beacons are switched on upon arrival to a customer site, the Red Zone LED lights are also programmed to come on.

Following the above, and other vehicle installations that SM UK have carried out, AC Services Banbury full fleet is now operating in a safer, more compliant manner and meets the safety requirements as set out by the industry which they operate in. Congratulations!

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