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A C Services Kelsa Bar

The Spec

All A C Services vehicles have been fitted with a five camera system, covering front, nearside, offside and rear blind spots, with a 5th camera showing the load the driver is carrying. The system has been integrated into Scania’s OEM screen, and all blind spot footage will be recorded onto a 1TB mobile digital recorder.

7 sensors installed down the nearside of the trucks, which are activated with the left hand indicator when the vehicles are travelling below 14mph, will alert the drivers of any vulnerable road users which may be next to the vehicle before they make the turn. An audible warning will also sound, alerting others that the vehicle is about to turn left. White noise alarms have also been installed, activated when the trucks are reversing.

Focusing on Safety

This combination of safety features gives drivers the visibility and confidence they need to move around busy city streets and worksites, whilst the footage provides A C Services with the evidence they need should an incident occur.

A C Services have also opted for Kelsa Hi-Bars on all their new trucks, fitted with 4 spotlights, 2 beacons, LEDs and stainless steel air horns, helping their fleet stand out on the roads, as well as providing easy detection for others when on worksites with poor visibility. LED strobes to the front and rear, and two worklamps activated with reverse complete the lighting upgrades for their fleet additions.

High Voltage Detection Systems and Inclinometers have been installed to the tippers, so that when operating and unloading, drivers can be certain that there are no surrounding dangers.

A C Services

Established in 1998, A C Services is a family business with a reputation for providing & delivering a quality service, so it makes sense that they look to work with suppliers who do the same. SM UK and A C Services have been working together for over 5 years.

A C Services currently run a fleet of 12 vehicles across the Banbury, Oxford and Buckingham area, consisting of tippers and HIAB wagon and drags, and have always taken vehicle safety seriously. As a result, the specification of safety systems for the vehicles has increased over the years.

A C Services logo Richard Coleman, A C Services

SM UK have become an important part to our new vehicles specifications. Safety equipment on our vehicles is paramount and as the years have gone on our specification working with SM UK has grown.

fav David Searle, SM UK

We’ve been working with A C Services for a number of years now, and safety has always been an integral part of their business. As their fleet has grown, so has their approach to vehicle safety solutions, always looking to implement the latest technology SM UK are offering, which is always refreshing to see, and their latest fleet additions are no different.

A C Services logo Richard Coleman, A C Services

If you need to view footage you require a system which is quick and easy to use, which this definitely is. We have always been happy with the high standards of workmanship, the quality of the equipment fitted and the service we receive.

fav David Searle, SM UK

It’s always a pleasure working with A C Services, and we look forward to supporting them as their company goes from strength to strength in the future.

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