System Edström

8 Ways System Edström Racking SOlutions can help you

1. Time Saving

System Edström racking solutions have been developed with a focus on high quality, high safety and extraordinary flexibility. Thanks to this, we can design a racking system tailored to you, your vehicle and your needs.

2. Safety

All System Edström solutions have been  independently crash tested to meet international standards. Each new element is tested before it is approved for sale.

3. Quality

System Edström are so confident in the quality of their products, that they offer up to a 5 year warranty. These racking solutions are designed to stand the test of time, and can even be transferred to newer vans if needed.

4. Lightweight

You're bound to see weight reduction benefits, especially when compared with older wood racking solutions. This means you're going to benefit from fuel cost reduction, as well as  reducing your company's carbon footprint.

5. Cost Savings

Having the right racking solution in you vans can save you money in three ways; saving you time, saving you fuel, and saving the need to re-invest in new racking when retiring a vehicle, as they can be transferred to your new van!




It is of utmost importance for us to be able to help streamline and optimise each van racking system to suit our customers needs. That's why we use these flexible solutions, such as System Edström, so we can help you optimise and customise your van fleet according to your specific requirements.

7. Backwards Compatability

System Edström solutions can even be customised post-installation. You can feel secure knowing that you can add to your old racking system with new parts and products which are always backward compatible.

8. Image

Stand out from the competition with a completely bespoke racking solution, demonstrating to customers that not only do you specialise in your field, you're the experts.


System Edström solutions can help your  fleet to operate in a safer, more effieicent way, as well as creating much needed extra space for tools and materials.

Our qualified engineers have been trained by the System Edströmteam, so that all SM UK are able to fit these racking solutions to the highest standards. We can complete these works in our dedicated Van Conversion workshops in Leeds & Tamworth, and will be covered by an SM UK Warranty.

System Edström Racking Solutions

Mobile Workplaces

When you have a professional van racking system in your service van, you will discover how much more efficient and fun work can be. By keeping your tools and equipment well organized, opening the doors of your vehicle to start work will be a joy. Your customers will also see a professional craftsman who does not need to spend more time in his vehicle than necessary. Avoid needless searches for tools and equipment and simply start work.