Rhino Products

WHICH IS THE RIGHT Rhino solution for you?

Rhino provide a range of external storage solutions to the van market, allowing users to safely carry tools, load & unload cargo, and access your vehicle safely whilst carrying out their jobs. With a wide variety of customisable solutions available, which is the right one for you?

All of Rhino's products have been crash tested up to 20g to ensure they stay and hold items in place in the event of an incident.

Roof Racks

Rhino Roof Racks are designed to be strong, lightweight and reliable. The modular design means it can be customised for any vehicle, and all roof racks come with an integrated rear roller as standard.

Roof Bars

The range of lightweight aluminium Roof Bars have been built with strength, fuel efficiency and aerodynamics in mind. Their anti-corrosive finish prevents rusting & weathering, prolonging the lifetime of your roof bars. Rhino roof bars provide a versatile method for transporting loads, especially when combined with their array of optional extras, such as the rear roller system.

Ladder Restraints

Rhino's range of Ladder Restraints offer a safe, quick and easy way of loading and un-loading ladders from ground level. The SafeClamp solution even offers a one-touch clamping method, which is 5 times faster than traditional screw-down ladder clamps.


Steps give drivers easier access to load areas of your vehicles. Rhino's range of versatile steps offer a number of useful upgrades for your vehicle. Middle sections of steps can be removed, giving you full use of the existing tow bar. The ImpactStep is designed to minimise any damage caused by low-speed parking and loading impacts. Rhino Steps' connectivity means that they can be integrated with any existing parking sensors, or new parking sensors can be fitted if none are present on the vehicle.


Further customise your vehicle with a number of Rhino accessories, such as Rear Door Ladders, Pipe Tubes, Load Stops and Rear Roller Systems. Speak with your local SM UK Van Conversion specialist to find out more about these extras for your fleet.


Rhino Products can help your fleet to operate in a safer, more effieicent way, as well as freeing up much needed space in load areas by carrying tools and materials externally.

Our qualified engineers have been trained by the Rhino team, so that all SM UK are able to fit these storage solutions to the highest standards. We can complete these works in our dedicated Van Conversion workshop in Leeds, located within 1/2 a mile of the M62 and M621 motorway network.

Rhino Products - Exterior Solutions

What can be installed?

Manufactured by Rhino Products and installed SM UK, any combination of the following items are available to improve the storage and efficiency of your fleet:

- Ladder Restraints
- Roof Racks
- Roof Bars
- Steps
- Accessories etc.

Fits the Following Vehicles: