What LIghting solutions are available?


ECCO beacons ensure that you, your team, and your equipment can be seen clearly. With advanced features and rugged dependability, warning beacons from ECCO are a dependable investment in the security of your operation.


With durability and design that are unmatched in the field, lightbars from ECCO feature a multitude of functions in one single product, making them top of the list for operators.


ECCO worklamps extend the day and help shed light on tasks large and small. With long-life LED illumination and superior durability testing, ECCO’s comprehensive range of worklamps will provide you with all the light you need to get the job done safely.


Directional LEDs

ECCO directional LEDs offer multiple flash patterns, and various mounting options providing superior warning capability. Many come in single, split, and dual-colour options doubling the warning with half the hassle.

Interior Lighting

ECCO interior lighting ensures professionals have the ability to see tools, inventory, and even paperwork. With convenient designs that work with vehicle contours, interior lighting from ECCO simply improves productivity and safety.


Whether you're looking to meet health & safety regulations set by construction sites, or you want to customise your fleet to give your workers the lighting they need to operate in any conditions, SM UK can help you choose the best lighting solution for you.

Our qualified engineers have been trained by the ECCO team, so that all SM UK are able to fit these lighting solutions to the highest standards. We can complete these works in our dedicated Van Conversion workshop in Leeds, located within 1/2 a mile of the M62 and M621 motorway network.

ECCO Lighting

What can be installed?

Whether you need safety lighting for working on sites or roadsides, or you need worklamps for your drivers to be able to work around the vehicle in the dark, SM UK can install ECCO's range of products as part of your van conversion.