Camera Systems

  • 5" Reverse Camera System

    This is a reverse camera with a 5" monitor.

  • 7" Reverse Camera System

    This is a reverse camera with a 7" monitor

  • 4 Camera System

    This is a 4 camera recording system consisting of:
    - 500GB Hard Drive to store footage
    - 2 side cameras (positioned on each wing)
    - 1 forward facing camera
    - 1 reverse camera
    - 7" monitor (to show footage)

  • Driver Camera Option

    This is the option to have a driver camera installed onto your vehicle as well as any other camera system (unless already specified).
    The camera only records when the ignition is turned on.

  • Birdseye Camera System

    This system allows the driver to fully see around their vehicle, as a bird would from above. The system is made up of:
    - 4 camera system
    - 7" monitor. This gives an aerial 'Birdseye' view of the vehicle (see images).


Sensor System

  • 4 Front Sensors

    4 sensors are installed to the front of the vehicle, they activate automatically when the vehicle drops below a preset speed.

  • 4 Rear Sensors

    These are 4 ultrasonic detection sensors fitted in an equal distance to the rear of the vehicle.
    They activate when the reverse gear is engaged.