Vehicle Screens & Dividers

Vehicle Screens & Dividers

As more of us return to work in the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic, a 'new normal' means businesses are looking for ways to keep their workers safe.

For some businesses, travelling together is essential, but there are a number of options available to make this as safe as possible.

Screens and dividers are a perfect option for keeping vehicle occupants separated but comfortable.

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A customised solution is available for any model of van and variant. 

Designed & installed in the SM UK workshops, these solutions can be turned around quickly to get your vans back out on the road the same day.

These screens are lightweight, flexible, easy to clean as well as low impact resistant. As they are temporary solutions, they can easily be removed when its safe to do so, and the plastic recycled.

Combined with our mobile hand sanitising stations, you'll be able to ensure your workers on the road can remain safe and clean, with the possibility of spreading germs reduced to a minimum, no matter what the location.

Available for trucks and vans, from a single vehicle to a nationwide fleet, contact SM UK for a quote today.


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