8 Ways sortimo Racking SOlutions can help you


1. Time Saving

The racking solutions have been designed to increase efficiency by up to an hour a day, with everything in its place, making it easier to find and put away.

2. Safety

All Sortimo solutions have been crash tested to a higher level than any other Van Racking company on the market. Each new element is tested before it is approved for sale.

3. Quality

The products are made of Aluminium and steel, providing a strong and high quality solution. The products are designed to last the lifetime of your vehicle. In fact, it will last 4 life cycles, and can even be transferred into your new vans!

4. Lightweight

It is one of the lightest racking systems on the market, which in-turn allows a larger van loads. Customers have seen a 20% reduction in fuel costs compared to other solutions, therefore these solutions can save you money, as well as  reduce your company's carbon footprint.

5. Cost Savings

Having the right racking solution in you vans can save you money in three ways; saving you time, saving you fuel, and saving the need to re-invest in new racking when retiring a vehicle, as they can be transferred to your new van!



The racking solution can be designed and customised to include everything you need for your drivers. Add or remove components as necessary based around what you need to carry out your job, due to its 'modular system' design. Create the perfect space to deliver your cargo, or give your drivers what they need to have a mobile workspace.

7. Innovation

Sortimo have set up and built relationships over many years that benefit their customers (Bosch & Hilti to name 2) and are constantly developing trendsetting technology.

8. Image

The racking solution gives you another opportunity to build your professional image in front of potential customers, as employees can demonstrate how organised and dynamic your company is, giving you an advantage over the competition. Your customer will appreciate how quickly and efficiently jobs are carried out.


Sortimo solutions can help your  fleet to operate in a safer, more effieicent way, as well as creating much needed extra space for tools and materials.

Our qualified engineers have been trained by the Sortimo team, so that all SM UK are able to fit these racking solutions to the highest standards. We can complete these works in our dedicated Van Conversion workshops in Leeds & Tamworth, and will be covered by an SM UK Warranty.

Sortimo Racking Solutions

Bespoke Solutions

Whether your fleet is used for deliveries or by mobile engineers, Sortimo's solutions have been adapted and designed to work with different industries and purposes in mind. Require more space? Want to look professional? Increase efficiency? Tackle these everyday problems with the installation of a customisable racking solution.

Fits the Following Vehicles: