Who are Sortimo?

Sortimo International GmbH are the leading manufacturer of Van Racking Systems and Mobile Transport Solutions in Europe. As well as Shelf Systems for all Lightweight Commercial Vehicles, Sortimo produces BOXXes & Cases for Tradesmen, Service, and Industry. The company has its head office and single production site in Zusmarshausen, Germany, and has over 1,000 employees worldwide.

With its nine branch offices, and 24 Sortimo stations throughout Germany, as well as a presence in 35 countries, Sortimo has an international orientation. We also have a UK Head Office and Fleet Conversion Centre, as well as numerous Partner Fitting Stations all over the country.

how could sortimo help you?

1. Time Saving

The racking solutions have been designed to increase efficiency by up to an hour a day, with everything in its place making it easier to find and put away.

2. Safety

Just like Rhino Products equipment, all Sortimo solutions have been crash tested. These to a higher level than any other Van Racking company on the market. Each new element is tested before it is approved for sale.

3. Quality

The products are made of Aluminium and steel providing a quality, yet strong solution. As the products can fit into almost any kind of van, it has a lower cost of ownership and can have up to 4 life cycles.

4. Lightweight

It is one of the lightest racking systems on the market, which in-turn allows a larger payload for operations and customers have seen a 20% reduction in fuel costs compared to other solutions, therefore reducing the company's carbon footprint.

5. Cost Savings

These come in 3 forms - time savings - more jobs can be completed in 1 day; fuel savings - as they're lighter, less fuel is used to carry them around; overall cost of the product - as it can be transferred to another vehicle.


The racking solution can be designed just like an 'IKEA' kitchen. Add or remove components as necessary based around what you need to carry out your job due to its 'modular system' design.

7. Innovation

 Sortimo have set up and built relationships over many years that benefit their customers (Bosch & Hilti to name 2) and are constantly developing trendsetting technology.

8. Image

The racking solution will give a professional impression to customers, as employees will appear organised and highly competent. Your customer will appreciate how quickly and efficiently jobs are carried out.


Any Sortimo solution can help your  fleet to operate in a safer, more effieicent way, but also allow them to carry the extra materials they require, and not lose any space with tools in the load area of the vehicle.

Our qualified engineers have been trained by the professionals at Sortimo themselves on how best to install these products to ensure they meet their very high and strict safety standards. SM UK can carry out these installations at their new Van Conversion facility located within 1/2 a mile of the M62 and M621 motorway network.

Sortimo Racking Solutions

What can be installed?

From delivery vans to engineer's vans, Sortimo's solutions have been adapted and designed to work with the different industries and purposes in mind. Require more space? Want to look professional? Increase efficiency? Tackle these everyday problems with the installation of a racking solution.

Fits the Following Vehicles: