Brigade Electronics

How can Brigade help improve your fleet safety?

SM UK has been installing Brigade's safety systems for a number of years, and the general feedback from fleet operators is that they have seen a decrease in amount of incidents and insurance claims, and in the long term have saved money. So how can each element help you improve your safety of you van fleet?


Just like with HGV's, it is possible to have a varying number of cameras installed onto your van. Anything from a singular reverse camera to a 5 camera system; covering the front, rear, nearside and offside blind spots, as well as a driver camera. Eliminating these blind spots means the driver has full visibility of any potential vulnerable road users that would otherwise be at risk of collision when the vehicle is turning.


Known as Ultrasonic Detection systems, or often referred to as a Side Scan, the sensors can be installed onto either the front or  rear of your vans, just like parking sensors on your car! The warning system can then be wired into a speaker in the vehicle to alert the driver of an obstacles that could be in their vicinity.

Internal and External Warning alarms

Often paired with the sensor systems, an internal warning alarm can alert the driver to an obstacle that could be in their blind spot that they wouldn't have otherwise seen. A small speaker in the cab will notify the driver, but not distract. External warnings are used to alert vulnerable road users, such as pedestrians and cyclists, when the vehicle is making a turn or reversing.


The installation of any camera system will also include the installation of a monitor into the cab. The 7" monitor is the perfect size to show a split 4-way screen of footage from the cameras, giving the driver a much clearer idea of what is happening around their vehicle.


SM UK's fully qualified installers will fit the equipment in our workshops, giving you peace of mind that everything is fitted to the highest standards, and covered by our 3 year warranty. Our Type Approval means we can even carry these installations out pre-registration, so you can receive your new vehicles fully converted and ready to go from day 1!

Brigade Camera Systems

What can be installed?

SM UK have been installing Brigade's full range of equipment for a number of years, regularly installing the following as part of our van conversion service:

- Cameras
- Sensors
- Monitors
- Driver Cams
- Internal and External Warning Alarms