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Published: 12th May 2023


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Brigade Electronics, the UK’s market-leading provider of cutting-edge vehicle safety systems, launched its new dual radar system at the annual Commercial Vehicle Show in a bid to make Britain’s roads safer by reducing on-road collisions through the use of preventative technology.

The state-of-the-art system, which has been named ‘Radar Predict’ and is entirely unique to the marketplace, uses an innovative combination of radar technology and artificial intelligence to detect road vehicles, objects and vulnerable road users. It predicts if a collision is likely to occur and provides the driver with an alert; giving them sufficient time to intervene.

Radar Predict will be able to detect vulnerable road users up to five metres from the side of the vehicle, seven metres in front of the vehicle and up to 30 metres to the rear of the vehicle’s cabin.

By constantly gathering object detection data such as the speed, direction, acceleration and turning rate of a vehicle using radar technology, while also collating vital information from the cyclist or other vulnerable road user such as distance from the lorry and speed, the system will be able to seamlessly calculate the point of collision with vulnerable road users and warn drivers of any potential risks. The real-time visual display is teamed with audible warnings – making the system one of the most technically sophisticated products in Brigade’s arsenal.

With Transport for London estimating that 165,000 vehicles will need to be updated in order to meet the new DVS changes, a key benefit of the ground-breaking system is that it can be fitted on any large vehicle, including rigid and articulated trucks, within two hours – a stark comparison to many side detectors which can take up to seven hours to install, leading to considerable vehicle downtime. Radar Predict meets both DVS proposals and UN Regulation 151.

In addition to detecting the behaviour of the vehicle and vulnerable road user, Radar Predict also uses learning capabilities to detect whether the vehicle has a trailer, eliminating issues surrounding false alerts where previous detection systems have activated detecting the trailer during turning manoeuvres.

Its learning and relearning capabilities also allows drivers to switch trailers without the system having to be recalibrated.

A company that has indeed bestowed an unwavering commitment to reducing collisions and safeguarding vulnerable road users since it first opened its doors in 1976, Brigade has continually innovated to deliver cutting-edge vehicle safety equipment for fleets to ensure vulnerable road users are protected and lives are saved.

Emily Hardy, UK Marketing Manager at Brigade commented: “Radar Predict is a clear demonstration of Brigade’s desire to continue to push the boundaries through innovation. It is an effective state-of-the-art system which has no counterpart from rivals. Its ease of installation and performance are unique.

“The dual radar system uses an innovative combination of technology to detect road vehicles, objects and vulnerable road users and predict if a collision is likely to occur. They then instantly warn the driver to potential dangers via a multi-stage in-cab alert.

“We once again are proud to do our part to protect cyclists and keep other vulnerable road users safe through our cutting-edge products.”

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