Type Approval

Type Approval

As part of the extended service that SM UK is able to offer, as of 2018, we are now also Type Approval certified.

Who are the Vehicle Certification Agency (VCA)?

VCA is the designated UK Approval Authority and Technical Service for type approval to all automotive European Community (EC) Directives and the equivalent United Nations Economic Community for Europe (ECE) Regulations. Vehicle Type Approval is the confirmation that production samples of a design will meet specified performance standards.  Click on the relevant link for more specific information by vehicle type approval and ways in which VCA can help you.

What does it mean to be VCA Approved?

Type Approval Number   Beacon Type Approval Number

Putting any vehicle through the Type Approval test can be a long process, at SM UK we offer this as part of our service when installing safety equipment onto your vehicle. This means there is one destination for your vehicle to be brought  to, and we deal with it the whole process of installation and approval ourselves. 

 To view the full requirements as set out by the Vehicle Certification Agency for any vehicle, visit their page here.

SM UK and Type Approval.

At SM UK we can address all aspects to do with Type Approval. Any vehicle that is Type Approved uses a number that begins with an 'E' marked onto it (see image above).  

All the equipment we use is regularly audited to make sure it is up to Type Approval standard. We are also able to offer national Small series or IVA (individual Vehicle Assessment) too.


Why choose SM UK when it comes to your Type Approval needs?

Here at SM UK we have  a dedicated team that can look after our customers type approval needs. We have worked closely with the VCA to gain COP (Conformity of Production) approval. We currently hold N1 enhancement for panel vans too for COP compliance. As well as this, we can also offer a small series Type Approval or our logistics team can offer vehicles for IVA (individual vehicle assessment).

At SM UK we create a COP (Conformity of Production) document for all our customers vehicles to say that vehicle has been assessed and approved by us.

If you're interested in an installation, visit our Contact Us page, call us on 0845 388 3816 or email 'enquiries@smfleet.co.uk'.