HALO® Cycle Minder System

HALO® Cycle Minder System

1. 4  high intensity, amber, LED lights are installed down the first 4 metres of the nearside of the vehicle. These lights will turn on automatically below approximately 15 mph (~23kph) and will then automatically turn off above approximately 15 mph. SM UK wire these in, in such a way that they will flash in conjunction with the left-hand indicator when it is applied.

2. Positioned roughly where you will find the HALO LED lights, there will be a series of ultrasonic sensors fitted to the vehicle. Through an internal speaker fitted into the cab, these will warn the driver when there is a cyclist, pedestrian or other obstacle sat in what could be a blind spot down the near side of the vehicle.

3. To also warn those external to the vehicle, SM UK also install an external speaking alarm, which is also designed to come on when the left-hand indicator is applied. When applied, anyone external to the vehicle will hear “Warning, vehicle turning left!”

4. The idea of these lights is so that when they are illuminated, it creates an amber glow on the floor next to the vehicle.

This whole system has been designed to warn and alert those who are deaf, blind or partially sighted.

HALO® Components

What makes up the whole HALO® package?

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