Red Zone®

Red Zone®

SM UK has a strong commitment to road safety, advocating ‘Driving Fleet Safety’ to keep drivers and other Vulnerable Road Users (VRU's) as safe as possible on our roads. Our aim is to assist commercial fleets and VRU's to work together in making the roads a safer place for everyone. This is done through the implementation of the latest technology in vehicle safety equipment and warning systems.

How are SM UK working towards road safety?

SM UK also has a strong internal company commitment to safety. All 36 vans operated by our engineers are equipped with a 4-camera system, which not only reduces accidents but also prevents false claims, improves driver behaviour and assists easier manoeuvring, especially on busy work sites.

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Our sales team are out offering free consultations across the country to see how we can help businesses improve their vehicle safety through the use of different methods and products. We're proud to say that 'Red Zone®' is being trialled on a series of different vehicles in different industries.

SM UK also works closely with Brigade who are at the forefront of global vehicle safety and emerging technologies.

Sensor and pedestrian/employee warning systems already exist through radar detection systems, BBS reverse alarms and Ultrasonic Detection Sensors. However, these systems have all been created to warn Vulnerable Road Users (VRUs) of a vehicle's intentions, or to alert the driver of potential VRUs that could prevent them from completing a manoeuvre. As an added form of safety, the Red Zone® allows the vehicle operator to outline an area for several purposes, with the main reason to create an exclusion area.

Here are some of the vehicle types that are already actively using the Red Zone® system:

Flatbed HGV20190213 175748SM UK have already actively installed the Red Zone® safety system onto some of our current clients vehicles, and are actively using the system to improve their day-to-day safety. The image here shows a flat bed HGV which has the Red Zone® safety system installed onto it. As you can see, it is possible to use SM UK's Red Zone® to create an area behind the vehicle so the operator can easily operate the tail lift without the worry of anyone walking underneath as it gets lowered.

Tipper HGVSM UK Stop Zone EMAILOne of the more popular options is to have this system installed onto a fleet of Tipper vehicles. In this case, our engineers can create a space to the rear using the Red Zone® system, where it could be emptying a load, and once again, does not want anybody to be in the space where the load will be dropped.

Plant VehiclesRed Zone Plant 2Different vehicle, same safety system. By installing onto a plant vehicle, it is possible to outline an area completely around an excavator where the arm would reach to, and therefore outlining an unsafe area for other workers to be in whenever the vehicle is being used. As the vehicle rotates, the lights installed onto the vehicle will rotate with it to maintain the exclusion ‘Red Zone®’ area.

What makes up the Red Zone® package?

As well as any other safety system which you may require to be installed onto your vehicle to help it meet standards as set out by the industry and safety organisations, the Red Zone® has been developed to improve your vehicle safety even further.

The Red Zone® is constructed of several RED LED lights. These are installed onto the vehicle in a safe, and appropriate manner using the vehicles existing electrical source. The lights are positioned in locations on the vehicle whereby they will not be knocked or interfered with during normal vehicle operation.

If you'd like to know more, or for a free demonstration contact our team today through our Contact Us page.