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FHOSS High Visibility Safety

Who are FHOSS?

FHOSS is a UK-based manufacturer & supplier of award winning smart wearable technology & safety wear for personal protection. We focus on providing high-quality products in order to increase safety in professional work spaces across the globe.

FHOSS High Performance Technology is a revolutionary, light emitting prismatic tape designed to improve visibility and safety in working environments. Our technology works by using high quality reflective tape combined with a rechargeable, powered illuminated core which actively emits light.

This means that unlike traditional high visibility tape, FHOSS illuminates without the need for ambient light.

How can FHOSS help you?

FHOSS are a company dedicated to increasing the safety and visibility of your staff, fleet vehicles and plant vehicles. Their products can be installed onto almost any manufacturer of vehicle and can be cut to any size and shape where necessary.

Being the type of product it is, it has had to pass many safety checks and is now fully compliant with Chapter 8 and compliant to RIS-1530-PLT & RIS-1710-PLT standard. 


The product is only 2mm thick in total, no matter what size you require. It has both solid and flashing modes, and has a lifespan of over 80,000hrs (almost 10 years!)

As it is installed to the exterior of the vehicle, the product is full robust and waterproof and can be switched on and off safely from a distance with a wireless remote and light sensor.

FHOSS High Visibility Safety

What can be installed?

FHOSS is a UK-based manufacturer and supplier of illuminating clothing and safety prismatic tape usually found on the back of Highway Maintenance vehicles. So what do SM UK install:

- Highway maintenance vans and flatbeds
- Recovery vehicles
- Plan livery
- Road maintenance machinery