How Can SM UK Help You and Your Business on World Mental Health Day?

On World Mental Health Day, SM UK are focusing in on just how incidents and other actions in your fleet can affect your driver’s mental health in the days, weeks and months that follow the event.

Should one of your fleet vehicles be involved in an accident of some sort, or an accusation be made against your company which involves one of your employees, just how are you protecting yourself and your staff should an event like this occur? And how would you provide the support to those involved?

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The safety camera systems which SM UK install can serve many purposes. On the front of it, they provide a safety angle, which a lot of customers have already said they use to prevent incidents with VRU’s and other vehicles on the road due to the nature of what it alerts their drivers to. The second, less obvious angle is the protection provided should there be an incident with one of your fleet vehicles.

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An event such as an accident involving one of your vehicles can affect the mental well-being of your employee by causing stress, anxiety and worry. Many questions could be going through their heads surrounding the event. Peace of mind by installing a camera system through SM UK can help to prevent this. So, when it comes to the safety of your drivers and their mental well-being, how are you dealing with it?

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On this World Mental Health Day, make sure you're taking the right precautions to stay safe on the roads and by protecting your employees. Contact the team today to not only protect you and your business, but also your employees and their mental well-being!

October 2018