SM UK Van Conversions: Who are Rhino Products?

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SM UK Van Conversions: Who are Rhino Products?

SM UK are one of the companies working with the van racking manufacturer to help companies in Yorkshire improve the efficiency of their staff, as well as their professional look and cost saving capabilities. Through their new Van Conversion Centre, SM UK has the space and facilities to cater for your needs.

Who are Rhino Products?

Based in Deeside, UK Rhino Products are Europe’s leading quality manufacturer of supplier roof racks, roof bars, rear access steps and accessories for commercial vehicles. Started in 2003 Rhino Products now operate in the UK, Sweden, The Netherlands and Poland. By working alongside most manufacturers their systems have been designed to fit safely and securely onto almost any van you see on the road.

What solution can I have installed through SM UK?

Rhino deal with any component you can have installed onto an existing van to make your work fleet look more professional and allow them to carry out their jobs required in a more efficient manner. Products include:

  • Roof rack
    • There are 2 different kinds produced by Rhino – an Aluminium Rack and a Modular Rack.
    • Aluminium Rack – manufactured from anodised aluminium alloy and reduces wind noise and drag
    • Modular Rack – aerodynamic, TUV safety approved. 20G crash tested
  • Roof bars
    • Again, there are 2 different kinds of roof bar and packages available through SM UK
    • Delta Bar – quiet in operation and on the road, and has seen reduced wind noise compared to others on the market
    • KammBar® – aerodynamic design to help reduce fuel consumption, lightweight and lockable
  • Ladder storage
    • SafeStow4® – a development upon SafeStow3 ladder storage system, lightweight and with an anti-vibration assembly
    • SafeClamp™ - low friction slider, quick and easy ergonomic loading
  • Material Storage and Clamps
    • PipeTube – material storage solution, lockable and can store up to 50 x 15mm pipes
    • SafeClamp® - 5 times faster than standard ladder clamps, TUV tested and Bau Art Certified
  • Rear Steps
    • SafeStep™ - available with or without parking sensors, anti-slip tread and TUV approved & 20G crash tested
    • TowStep™ – quick and simple removable centre section to allow access for tow bar
    • ImpactStep™ – protects vehicle from low-speed impacts, pivoting so bounces back once obstacle removed

To see just where and how some of their products work, visit their YouTube channel by clicking here.

Is there a solution for me?

Just like SM UK’s HGV safety and awareness systems, the Van Conversion solutions can be bespokely pieced together for your business requirements and function. SM UK cater for all industries and ensure that your vehicle meets the required safety standards as set by the industry you operate in.

As SM UK is part of Rhino Products’ Dealer network, our staff have received specific training from the manufacturer themselves. If you are interested in receiving a competitive, bespoke quotation to see just how we can assist your vehicle fleet in the 8 ways listed above, speak to Chris Walton, our Van Conversion specialist today. Call us on 0845 388 3816 or email

September 2018