PMW Quarries

Key contact?

Danny Watson, Director

Who are PMW Quarries?

PMW Quarries is a family run business, continuing from P & M Watson Haulage which has been established for over 35 years. After a successful major expansion program over the last few years, and the development of an ongoing partnership with MAN Truck & Bus, we are now in the proud position of being the largest supplier of aggregates in West Yorkshire, both quarried and recycled.

Our ability to supply and deliver all primary/recycled aggregates, topsoils, subsoils, sands, gravels, clays and shales, together with the ability to offer site clearance with our fully licenced tipping facilities leaves us in the best position to meet all your needs.20170126 154538

What vehicles have you had the system installed onto?

As part of our ongoing partnership with MAN, our vehicles are all MAN TGS 35-420’s. We have a fleet of 14 vehicles, and so far, 5 of them have the camera system installed onto them. As we order new vehicles, we are looking to roll out the camera system onto our full fleet. These vehicles are the perfect solution for how we operate and what we need to transport. As they’re all the same, this helps our drivers know both the vehicle and the SM UK system when jumping from one into another.

What solution did SM UK install?

Due to the type of locations we are required to visit to carry out our job, we required a bespoke package to make sure our vehicles met the minimum requirements set by sites that we visit on a daily basis. So, SM UK pieced together a package which included the following:

  • 4 camera system
  • 4 sensors
  • Front and rear strobe lights
  • 3ft beacon bar
  • Additional rear working lights

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We have also had SM UK’s 360 birds-eye-view camera system installed on one or two vehicles, which again has really helped the drivers.

Did you have a system similar to this installed before? Have you heard of something like this before?

We’ve previously only had reversing cameras installed. Then 3 years ago we installed one of our first forward facing cameras. Once the drivers got used to this, we made the decision that we should have ‘all or nothing’ and look into the full SM UK camera system. We only knew of the individual camera systems previously.

 How have the drivers adopted the new camera systems?

Admittedly, it did take some time for them to get used to it, but have taken it on well. It made them take more care when manoeuvring the vehicle around, and as a result we have seen a decrease in new parts been purchased as they can now see obstacles.

How long have you had the system installed for now?

We first looked into having the enhanced systems installed in mid-late 2015 following the installation of the forward facing cameras, and have slowly rolled this out into our fleet as new vehicles have come in.

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Would you say that the system helps your staff to perform their job better?


How has the service from SM UK been since your first installation?

The service that has been provided by Jason and the team has been amazing. Whenever we’ve had an issue they have arranged a repair or reinstallation as soon as they could to help us out. As a next step for us and SM UK, we’ve now looked into having their HALO system installed onto our vehicles.

Products installed

  • 4 camera recording system, which is then shown on the original MAN fitted screen in the cab. Cameras - forward facing, 2 side and a rear view/reversing camera
  • 4 sensors to work in conjunction with the above, with audible warning in cab should an obstacle be detected
  • Front and rear strobe lights
  • Beacon bar*
  • Additional rear working lights*

*installed as a minimum requirement so the vehicles are allowed access onto some of their customer sites.

September 2018