LSS Waste Management

Key contact?

Ian Grimes, General Manager

What were the main pain points?

The kind of industry they are meant that they are often operating around tight spaces in housing and industrial estates as well as during heavy traffic. Drivers were finding it difficult t navigate in some cases, and they did see a lot of insurance claims coming through, where (due to lack of evidence) they were either being split or LSS Drivers were blamed.

What solution did SM UK install?

4 camera system which consists of a forward-facing camera, a rear view/reversing camera and a camera mounted on each front wing to provide a view down each side of the vehicle. This system also came with 3G connectivity, so should one of our fleet be involved in an incident, we could have instant access to the footage. LSS are now looking at having driver cams installed into their vehicles to monitor their drivers too.

We also had SM UK’s new ‘HALO’ system installed on some of our newer vehicles as well, which our drivers have found has helped majorly with making them aware of what is in their blind spots.

What were the vehicle types SM UK installed the solution onto?

In our fleet we have 7 different types of vehicles, which include skip lorries and trade waste bin lorries.

How many vehicles in the fleet have this system now installed?

75% of fleet currently have it installed, but as they order new vehicles, they will all now have this system installed before they go into use.

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Has a solution like this been previously investigated/installed before?

We have previously had a very simple, forward-facing dash cam installed before. The quality wasn’t the best and it came with no monitor or anything.

Is it easy to operate from a driver’s perspective and your perspective in terms of sourcing footage?

We have found that the systems we have had installed onto our fleet have been very simple and easy to understand. The monitor is clear and easy to view for the drivers, especially when they’re trying to navigate a tight space. If one of our vehicles has been involved in an incident, we now have the capability to view this footage almost immediately, which has helped us immensely. By using this element of what we’ve had installed, we have seen a decrease in incidents that were originally deemed our fault by 88%.

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Has it had an affect the business in any other way?

We recently had a Health and Safety officer visit our site in Leeds, and as part of the visit we demonstrated the camera systems to them and explained the benefits of the new kit to them. They were thoroughly impressed with both the kit and us as a company, stating that they were very impressed that we took our vehicle safety so seriously.

Have they noticed a difference in driver behaviour?

Not majorly, however, the drivers enjoy using the cameras to help them negotiate tight spaces etc due to clarity of screen and the sensors that SM UK install. They are also aware of the camera systems, so in most cases drive better!

Tell us about your experience with SM UK and overall service from start to finish, as well as support provided.

The whole journey from the vehicle leaving the body builders, to having the kit installed and us receiving it was seamless. SM UK typically have our vehicles for 1-2 days maximum (depending on kit installed). SM UK work with us to fully project manage the process. Should we have a problem with any of the kit, their engineers are able to fix it within a matter of days.

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 Products installed

  • 4 camera system with 3G technology – forward facing, 2 side and a rear view/reversing camera
  • 7 inch monitor mounted in cab to show live feed to driver and allow a full 360 view for the driver
  • Cycle sensors to work in conjunction with the above
  • SM UK HALO® system – 4 LED lights, ultrasonic sensors, external speaking alarm, camera to monitor blind spot
  • SM UK 360 system – 4 cameras positioned around vehicle to provide a full birds eye view on 7 inch monitor
  • 500GB hard drive to store footage from cameras

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July 2018