Forge Recycling

Who was the key contact interviewed?

Adam Bailey, Fleet Manager

What were the main pain points that have been found?

As our drivers are out on the road a lot around heavily-parked areas, and built-up areas we found that we received a lot of complaints regarding our vehicles and drivers.DSC 0323

What solution was chosen to help tackle the above pain points?

4 camera system and we are now starting to role out driver cameras into fleet in our latest vehicles.

What were the vehicle types SM UK installed the solution onto?

Curtain-sided lorries, Skip lorries, rigid lorries, Variopress bin lorries and also some of our larger flatbed vans too.DSC 0341

Did you find it easy to use and understand the camera system and the associated computer program?

Both the camera systems on the fleet vehicles, and the computer program are very easy to understand and use. As the cameras were perfectly positioned by SM UK, they were already set up and ready for our drivers to use. We have had to use the footage recorded from an SM UK system already in an insurance claim to prove we were not at fault, which was simple enough to source from the vehicle’s hard drive.

Have you noticed a difference in driver behaviour?

Yes. Being honest, some drivers didn’t like it when we installed some of the first driver cams into the cabs. The fact they were being filmed did initially cause a few issues. However, over time they have got used to it. The general feedback following the kit being installed has been positive. They are pleased that such a system has been installed as it protects them should an insurance claim arise. They have also found it helps them when manoeuvring some of our vehicles, as it has given them an increased visibility around their vehicle!­­­­­­­­­

Tell us about your experience with SM UK and overall service from start to finish, as well as support provided.

Our installations have been completely seamless with all our different vehicles. We thought they may have struggled with the van’s, but it wasn’t a problem at all. Whenever we have had a problem with the products (we even had a driver knock a camera off) SM UK confirmed a date as soon as they could to come and repair the fault. As a little thank you from SM UK, we were also invited along to the rugby!DSC 0328 v2

Products installed

  • 4 camera system – forward facing, 2 side and a rear view/reversing camera
  • 7 inch monitor mounted in cab to show live feed to driver and allow a full 360 view for the driver
  • Driver camera
  • 500GB hard drive to store footage from cameras

July 2018