Direct Vision Standard

Direct Vision Standard

From 26th October 2020, all goods vehicles over 12 tonnes will require a permit to enter London.

Enforced by Transport for London (TfL), the legislation is based on a ‘star rating’ indicating how much a driver can see from the cab in relation to other road users.

This rating (0-5) is based on how the vehicle left the production line and will not take into account any aftermarket safety systems that have been fitted.

HGVs that do not meet the minimum requirement of 1 star need to comply with the Safe System, which requires the installation of extra devices for indirect vision (similar to FORS & CLOCS specifications).

Complying with the Safe System will not alter the vehicle’s star rating, but will permit you to drive into Greater London.
Vehicles that do not meet the minimum requirement of 1 star, or those that have not complied with the Safe System, will be banned from entering Greater London from 26th October 2020.

Update: In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, fines from TfL have been postponed until 1st March 2021, DVS still becomes Traffic Law from 26th October 2020. This means that, if an accident were to occur in Greater London and the vehicle didn't meet the required standard, the operator could face civil damages, and insurers may fail to pay out if an operator has not met legislative requirements.

Transport for London have responded: “Not complying with the scheme wouldn’t automatically lead to liability in the event of a collision. Whether freight operators would be liable in civil or criminal proceedings would primarily depend on the circumstances. However, compliance with best practice safety standards would be relevant.”

Direct Vision Standard HGVs

Find out your star rating

Need help finding out the star rating for your vehicles?

SM UK can help. Simply provide us with the make, registration and VIN number for your vehicles, and we can contact the manufacturer on your behalf to find out the star rating.

To take us up on this offer, or for any questions around Direct Vision Standard, email


0 Star Rated Vehicles - The Safe System

If your vehicle is 0 star rated, you must comply with the requirements of the Safe System.

This is a series of vehicle safety measures which aim to improve the overall safety of the HGV.

The following devices are required to comply:

  1. Class V mirror fitted to the nearside of the vehicle
  2. Class VI mirror fitted to the front of the vehicle
  3. Side under-run protection fitted to both sides of the vehicle, except where this is impractical or proves impossible (see TfL website for exemptions)
  4. External pictorial stickers and markings to warn vulnerable road users of hazards around the vehicle
  5. A sensor system that alerts the driver to the presence of vulnerable road users, fitted to the nearside of the vehicle
  6. Audible vehicle manoeuvring warning to alert vulnerable road users when a vehicle is turning left
  7. A fully operational camera monitoring system fitted to the nearside of the vehicle

Direct Vision Standard Safe System on a HGV

How can SM UK help?

SM UK have a range of products to help operators meet the requirements of the Safe System for Direct Vision Standard

Camera Monitor Systems

High quality camera and monitor that offer blind spot coverage at a cost effective price
Recommended: Mobile Digital Recording (MDR) stores all footage

Ultrasonic Obstacle Detection

A sensor system to inform driver of objects within close proximity in the nearside blindspots where cyclists or pedestrians can go undetected
Recommended: Speed switch turns system off above 20mph

Warning Alarms

Side turn warning for cyclists and pedestrians. Activates on left turn indication. A combination of white noise and real speech
Recommended: Night time cut-off switch for use between 11:30pm - 7am

Direct Vision Standard Safe System Products

Recommended: Truck Door Windows

Adding  a high quality glass panel to the passenger side door is a great option for improving the direct vision for drivers


As SM UK are specialists in commercial vehicle safety, we are well equipped to help you and your fleet meet Direct Vision Standard and ensure you avoid the costly fines that will be issued to those without permits.

We provide nationwide coverage with our team of expert mobile engineers, or jobs can be completed in our state of the art workshops in Leeds and Tamworth. SM UK also holds Stage 2 and Stage 3 Type Approval, meaning we can carry out installations pre-registration, ideal for any new trucks you may be taking on that do not meet the DVS star rating.


For any help regarding Direct Vision Standard, get in touch with SM UK, and one of our specialists will be in touch to guide you through the process.

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