SM UK 360

SM UK 360 Is a compact hard disc recorder that is connected to 4 cameras fitted discreetly to the vehicle recording up to 2 weeks of real time footage. It can simultaneously record real time images with data such as time, date, location and speed. The hard drive unit can be downloaded by SD card or removed from the vehicle for analysing.

Why fit a SM UK 360 mobile digital recorder?

By recording footage from vehicle mounted cameras, the system provides an accurate witness, giving irrefutable evidence in cases of false claims, crash for cash or incidents of vandalism. Refuting these claims means companies can make major cost savings whilst importantly supporting their drivers, who are often the subject of increased scrutiny.

SM UK 360 comes with default setting so the N/S camera can be used as a blind spot camera and the reversing camera is automatically engaged when the vehicle is put into reverse, requiring no driver input.

SM UK 360 includes:

  • A discreet screen with a single or multi view option
  • Real time footage
  • 4 camera system
  • Lockable hard drive to eradicate tampering
  • PC connectable or SD card downloadable data
  • Auto active systems
  • Weather proof cameras
  • Time and date stamped footage

SM UK 360 can be upgraded to include the SM UK Cycle Minder

HGV's make up about only 5% of traffic in Great Britain but are involved in about 19% of cyclists' road deaths.
- (Department for Transport statistics)

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