SM UK 180

SM UK 180 is a 4 sensor ultra-sonic system that has been developed with the safety of cyclists in mind and with the added benefit of a blind spot camera to improve driver awareness for other road users. This system can be speed activated or activated once the left hand indicator is engaged giving your drivers an excellent view of what would normally be deemed to be the "blind spot".

SM UK 180 uses visual and audio technology to alert the driver to obstacles in the blind spot and can also alert pedestrians when the vehicle is making a left turn. Simple to use technology encompassing a:

  • Weather proof near side camera to eradicate blind spots
  • Discreet in cab monitor
  • 4 underslung ultra-sonic sensors
  • Audio warning (Warning Vehicle Turning Left)

All of this can be upgraded to our SM UK 360 package incorporating digital hard drive recording system.

In Great Britain during 2010 over 7500 accidents involved Heavy Goods Vehicles
- (Department for Transport statistics)

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