SM UK Body Watch

SM UK Body Watch prevents accidents without interfering with normal operation of vehicle.

Besides possible driver injuries, a body raised collision can have major financial consequences other than collision damage to, Power lines, bridges, gantries, conveyors, etc. Production may be reduced or completely stopped.

How it works

SM UK Body Watch system allows the driver to pull forward spreading the load during tipping operations, when the vehicle reaches a pre-set speed 2 sounders and an LED are activated warning them to lower the body. The system can also be linked to mute radios and hands free kits so the drive has no distractions.

SM UK Inclinometer

SM UK Inclinometer is a safety device that continually monitors the angle of the vehicle in relation to the ground during the tipping process and assists in the prevention of potential overturns, safeguards against driver injury and costly liability claims. Using state of the art three dimensional sensor we are able to indicate left and right movement of the vehicle chassis with an accuracy of 0.1 through 360.

SM UK Inclinometer comprises of an

  • In cab display unit
  • Pneumatic valve
  • IP rated suzi connector
  • IP68 sensor cover c/w
  • 3D sensor
  • Protective ABS cover
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