SM UK Front Guard

Over the last few years vehicle safety devices such as extra mirrors or camera monitor systems with wider viewing angles have become mandatory. However, despite an increase in all-round visibility, fixed objects remain high.

Even a relatively small accident can be immensely costly to a fleet operator. Apart from repairs to the damaged vehicle, there is downtime and replacement vehicle hire costs to consider and this doesn't take into account any insurance or legal expenses.

Typical damage costs based on a Mercedes Actros:

  • Item Cost of replacement Step (bottom part moulded) £295 - £585
  • Bumper - two corners and centre £248
  • Whole Front light cluster £246

SM UK Front Guard Fitted to front of vehicle improving safety when manoeuvring at low speed. Particularly relevant for front blind spot on high cabs where low objects or pedestrians can be hidden.

  • 4 sensor system
  • Flush mount sensors
  • 2.0 or 1.0m detection range - outer sensors can be reduced to 0.6m
  • Two levels of detection sensitivity
  • System activated by speed switch
  • Gives peace of mind to the driver
  • Minimises damage to vehicle, property and other objects
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* Calls to an 0845 number cost 5 pence per minute (with a minimum call charge of 5p), plus your telephone provider's access charge.